Aquatic Technologies has been operating since 1997.  We commenced like most in the harvesting side of the business and that is still one of our function however we quickly realised that to exceed our customer expectations we needed to be able to do more than cut aquatic weed.  To this end and for many years now we have been providing specialised algae control services, consultative services in plant and algae identification, water quality and the total management of waterway systems.

Through our experience in buying and operating equipment, products and providing solutions to our customers needs we have sourced the best equipment and products from within Australia and around the world.  The equipment and products selected to control unwanted aquatic weeds and algae in water bodies includes harvesters which are both water born and amphibious, this allows for a go anywhere approach and for the control of algae we use a range of products from algaecides the APVMA approved Coptrol manufactured locally, Ultrasonic products from the Netherlands which works on the cell structure of the Algae destroying it from the inside out and then retarding any future growth for larger water bodies and natural barley straw extracts for smaller water bodies.

Clients with excessive aquatic weed and algae growth often need to focus on water quality aspects, this lead to the introduction of our range of aerator systems and display aerating fountains which enhances water quality and in the case of display aerating fountains also provides a stunning affect while providing better water quality over all.

As we have been in the business since 1997, we have a team of commercially qualified coxswains who all have 1000's of hours experience in operating a range of harvesting and work vessels.  The skills and competencies built up over this time have translated into the best selection of hard working, low maintenance harvesting equipment and proven, robust and predictable algae control products for the aquatic management industry .
The aquatic harvesting equipment which we sell is best in class and built and certified to be used with Australian Conditions in mind.  The equipment complies with Marine Safety Commercial Vessel Survey requirements and each piece of equipment has an Australian approved Marine Safety Management System in Place.

We are located in Victoria with an office in Carrum Downs and a warehousing facility at Devon Meadows and from this base we provide a national platform for the delivery of products to the aquatic management industry.