Amphibious Harvesters

When it comes to versatility, manoeuvrability and aquatic vegetation removal power, the Mobitrac amphibious harvester is the go anywhere craft of choice.

The Mobitrac amphibious harvester has superior design and craftsmanship for those tough harvesting jobs.

On land, in shallow water, over mud, down embankments the Mobitrac can do it all...

The Mobitrac can harvest, cut, collect and dredge in any environment...

Manufactured in The Netherlands by Mobarn, you can see the quality engineering detail that delivers a quality robust craft with strength and super efficient reliability.

As the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor Aquatic Technologies knows the Mobitrac from top to bottom and provide local sales, training, service, spare parts and support.

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Where standard aquatic harvester stops, the Mobitrac 8000AU, goes on...

The Mobitrac 8000AU amphibious harvester is a go anywhere aquatic harvester. On land, in water, through mud, on beaches, in swamps....... all with amazing versatility, it can cut, harvest  and collect aquatic weeds, excavate,  dredge and de-silt waterways.

The Mobitrac 8000AU can harvest aquatic weeds including  floating, submerged and  emergent  aquatics in waterways as well as terrestrial weeds encroaching the boundaries of waterways.  In or out of the water the Mobitrac goes on...

The Mobitrac 8000AU amphibious harvester has been specifically designed for Australian users. This Australian  specific model is delivered standard with a double acting busati T cutting attachment that does not require water for lubrication which can be used on shore, shallow water, marshlands and in deep water cutting down to a 1.5m depth, with a 2.1m wide cut. This cutter has the versatility to cut both delicate submerged aquatic plants with precision as well as tough emergent aquatic such as thick cumbungi.  Standard equipment also includes the expandable 2m to 3.5m collection rake. The craft superstructure is manufactured from saltwater grade aluminium, with each pontoon consisting of duel chambered buoyancy pontoons and individual bilge pumps to meet Australian vessel survey requirements. The drive motor is a marine grade Yanmar diesel with additional fuel / water separators for Australian conditions.  It includes all safety equipment and a safety management system suitable for Australian commercial vessel survey.     

The Mobitrac 8000AU amphibious craft has duel joystick drive and attachment controls offering ergonomic  control  positions and adjustable seating for effortless operation.

The Mobitrac 8000AU amphibious craft is compact in size at 4.75m in length, 2.10m width and a mere 1,270kgs dry weight, meaning it can be legally towed on Australian roads using a ute or 4WD.

Mobitrac 8000AU amphibious craft delivers amazing manoeuvrability and flexibility both on land and in water.

The Mobitrac 8000AU amphibious craft offers a powerful and versatile combination, that can be transported by a standard ute or 4WD, launched, retrieved and operated by a single user.