Decorative Fountains and Aeration Fountains:

We have an extensive  range of both decretive and aeration fountain ranging from 1/2HP up to 40HP with 28 different spray patterns, so we have a fountain to suite all types and sizes of ponds, dams, lakes and water bodies.



The Aquatic AT range is a robust compact in-water filter unit with integrated UVC and fountain pump.
The Aquatic AT2500/AT5000 All-in-one Fountain Filter-Pump is a great solution for ponds up to 5,000 litres to combat green water and algae with its UVC function that filters at the same time. It’s the professional way to keep your pond clean, clear and free of algae.

• Filters with UVC constantly
• UVC technology using 4 different filter levels
• Water feature with pump for aesthetics
• Height adjustable fountain attachment to adapt to your water depth
• Adjustable T-piece for operating spouts and small watercourses
• Suitable for small ponds of up to 5,000 litres
• Voltage 230 V / 50Hz
• 2 year guarantee on motor

The Aquatic AT Range is available in two sizes:
AT2500 - Will filter a decorative pond (no fish) up to 2500 litres or up to 1250 litres (depending on quantity of goldfish).
AT5000 - Will filter a decorative pond (no fish) up to 5000 litres or up to 2500 litres (depending on quantity of goldfish).


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The Aqua Control Evolution Series II range starts with the 1/2HP pond fountain, which is suitable for ponds, dams and small lakes. 
It has a fountain height of up to 1.5m in high and 3.7m width and has the added advantage of providing aeration for water bodies up to 2,000sqm of water surface area.

This fountain is easy to install and comes standard with a simple plug in and go system.

It is delivered assembled in one box ready to go, complete with 1/2HP 240volt floating fountain with suction screen, float, 2 mooring stakes, 30m of mooring rope and spray nozzle. 

The stainless steel, no maintenance motor has a 2 year warranty.
This is the ideal fountain for builders, developers and landscapers to add those final special touches to any water body.

Download our 1/2HP Fountain Brouchure.


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The Aqua Control Select Series II ranges from 1 HP to 7.5 HP, these fountains are the cornerstone of the floating product offerings. This product line is built as an axial flow pump (uses a propeller). These pumps are designed to pump large volumes of water.
Available in both display fountains and Aeration fountains  this range is designed to produce high pressure, thus producing tall and wide spray patterns.

With fountain heights up to 15m tall and 16.3m wide from 28 different spray patterns, there is always a fountain to fit the space.

These floating fountains are easy to install and come complete with mooring lines and mooring anchors.  Available in 240volt and three phase.


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Large water bodies need  a fountain to fit the large space, these fountains range from 7.5 HP to 40 HP. For an awe inspiring display, the Aqua Control 'Titan Series II' group of products is the answer.

With fountain spray heights reaching 22m tall and 35m wide from 28 different spray patterns, this awe inspiring range is designed to impress.
Download the Titan Series II PDF.