Aquatic Harvesters

When it comes to building aquatic weed harvesters Inland Lake harvesters (USA) are the industries longest lasting, heavy-duty aquatic harvesters.

Inland lake harvesters are manufactured for extreme reliability, strength and simplicity.

As the exclusive Australian and New Zealand distributor for the Inland Lake range of aquatic harvesters,  Aquatic Technologies is proud to be their partner to provide local sales, training, service, parts and support for the whole Inland Lake Harvester range.

The Inland Lake Harvester range starts with the compact ILH-100AU at 7.31m long, with a holding capacity of 2.8 cubic meters, through to the  tough ILH10-1000 at 13.71m long, with a whopping capacity of 28.3 cubic meters and three other sized harvesters in between, so there's sure to be one to meet your requirements.


The ILH-100AU aquatic harvester is a compact harvester that really packs a punch when it comes to aquatic vegetation harvesting power.

The ILH-100AU aquatic harvester has been specifically designed for Australian users. This Australian  specific model is delivered with a power cutting head, individual watertight poly foam filled hull  compartments, fingertip hydraulic controls and its compact size and weight means it can be legally towed on Australian roads using a ute or 4WD.

The ILH-100AU is compact in size at 7.31m in length and 2.28m width, that delivers amazing (best in its class) manoeuvrability, which can operate in shallow water with a draft of only 15.2cm, offering excellent access in tight and shallow water areas.

For its size the ILH-100AU offers a fantastic holding capacity of 2.8 cubic meters of aquatic vegetation, which is normally only matched by much larger harvesters.

The harvcester is equipped with an air cooled engine as well as high temperature low oil shut down for safety and is propelled by side mounted paddle wheels coupled to direct drive hydraulic motors. The low speed, high torque drive motors are wear compensated  to increase motor life and obtain maximum output at lower revs, which deliver power and economy.

The ILH-100AU is equipped with a power cutting harvester head, comprising of a set of 2 vertical and two horizontal reciprocating zinc plated cutting knives, offering a cutting width of 1.52m, at a depth of 1.22m, which is unsurpassed by any other harvester of this size.

The 100AU trailer conveyor is able to both transport the ILH-100AU harvester to site, launch and retrieve the harvester, as well as collect and transport the harvested aquatic vegetation, as the ILH-100AU harvester can deposit harvested material directly from the harvester to the trailer conveyor for disposal.    

The ILH-100AU together with the 100AU trailer conveyor offers a powerful combination, that can be transported by a standard ute or 4WD, launched and retrieved and operated by a single operator.

The attention to detail and superior craftsmanship of the Inland Lake Harvester range has been refined to produce the strongest built, longest lasting aquatic harvesters on the market.

THE Industry's Longest Lasting, Heavy-duty Aquatic Harvesters, INLAND LAKE HARVESTERS.