Dam Stop Leak

Aquatic Dam Stop Leak - Quick and
effective water sealing solution

Aquatic Dam Stop Leak provides a quick, safe and easy way to
apply solution for sealing leaking irrigation or stock watering
dams and even ponds.

Aquatic Dam Stop Leak is specifically formulated for efficient application, eliminating the need to rely on large excavation equipment, external labour or other introduced bulk materials.

Aquatic Dam Stop Leak stops leaks in dams with a simple application requiring no waiting time, no extra loss of precious water and no wasteful dumping of existing water.

Aquatic Dam Stop Leak is made up of polymer granules that are 99% insoluble which become immediately active when applied. When applied, Aquatic Dam Stop Leak is sucked into the dam’s cracks and porous areas through hydraulic forces to plug any leaks. As the Aquatic Dam Stop Leak is drawn into the dams cracks and porous areas, the products positive charge attracts more particles resulting in a positive seal caused by the expansion of the polymers.

Unique Benefits:

  • 20kgs TREATS 250m2 of water surface area
  • Aquatic Dam Stop Leak creates a seal without the need to empty the dam of water.
  • Aquatic Dam Stop Leak can be applied to full or partially full dams.
  • The application of Aquatic Dam Stop Leak is quick, simple and begins to work immediately.
  • The application of Aquatic Dam Stop Leak is cost effective without the need for heavy expensive earthmoving equipment.
  • Treatment can be targeted directly at a known leakage problem area or if the general location of the leak is not known then the entire dam can be treated.
  • Aquatic Dam Stop Leak is easy to apply.
  • Aquatic Dam Stop Leak is non toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
  • Aquatic Dam Stop Leak is long life. Once polymers are in place, they will become part of the dam structure and will last for many years to come.

Application Method:
To apply Aquatic Dam Stop Leak when the location of the leakage is not known, simply spread the product over the entire waters surface by hand or with an appropriate powder applicator, at the specified application rate. If the location of the leak is known Aquatic Dam Stop Leak can be applied in general area of the known leakage, at the specified application rate.

Application Rate:
Apply Aquatic Dam Stop Leak at a rate of 80g per square metre of water surface area. For best results apply when water is present and above the area to be treated. Apply where wind conditions are light. Ensure area is free of excessive aquatic vegetation and algae.

Hand Spreader - Generous 1.5kg hopper with easy to fill container. Scoop front for easy filling and pouring. 
Hand Spreader - Adjustable flow gate with 3 variable setting control switch. 
Hand Spreader - Robust poly design. Will not rust. 
Hand Spreader - Trigger control to accurately control flow. 
Hand Spreader - Broadcast range up to 5m. 
Hand Spreader - High RPM gearbox with enclosed smooth anti-skip gears.

Ideally crafted for the accurate application of Aquatic Dam Stop Leak
Using Hand Held Spreader you can accurately and evenly apply your material over land or water. 
Can be used from the shoreline.