Aeration is the transfer of oxygen from air into water. All healthy bodies of water need oxygen for the normal biological cycle. In large bodies of water, this occurs naturally as a result of wave action. In smaller lakes and ponds, it is easy for biological factors to become unbalanced, causing the oxygen levels to drop, making it necessary for mechanical aeration.

Insufficient aeration and low oxygen levels can cause fish kills, unpleasant smells and unsightly water. Without sufficient circulation, a pond becomes stratified with warmer water on the surface and colder, oxygen-depleted water on the bottom. Lack of oxygen increases the anaerobic (without oxygen) decomposition of the sludge at the bottom. That increases nutrients in the pond, which, in turn, increases algae blooms.

An uncirculated or non aerated pond or lake develops a thermocline. This is a stratification of the water by temperature. The warmer water is at the surface in contact with the air and the cooler water drops to the bottom where it becomes oxygen starved. Proper circulation and aeration will increase the amount of oxygen at all depths, and break down the thermocline. Aerating a pond provides a healthier habitat for fish, reduces algae blooms, improves water clarity and rids the pond of bad smells.

Whether you be a pond supplier, waterway cleaning company, landscaper, construction company, builder or irrigation supplier Aquatic Technologies can help find the right fountain or aeration system for your job, at wholesale prices.

We have an extensive range of  aeration systems suitable for areas from as small as 2,000sqms  to large lakes and irrigation reservoirs.


The Lake Bed Aerator is designed to pump large volumes of water from near the bottom to the surface where it spreads out in contact with the air and becomes oxygenated.

The pumping action is created by millions of tiny bubbles emitted by the diffuser that rise and entrain water with them. The spacing of the diffuser tubes on the diffuser optimizes the pumping action compared to a disc diffuser. The circulating water forces an inflow to the diffuser, thus quickly circulating the entire pond with well oxygenated water so that organic digestion is accomplished aerobically.

The range of lake bed aerators can provide aeration to large areas with super high efficiency.


For shallow ponds less than 2 meters deep, aeration is critical to maintaining water quality.

The Shallow Pond Diffuser Aeration systems are energy efficient and inexpensive to purchase.

Designed specifically to aerate and de-gas water bodies as small as ornamental backyard ponds or ponds up to 8,000 sqms, these aeration systems are designed to operate specifically in water bodies less than 2 meters deep, with super high efficiency.