Aquatic Clear Dam

Aquatic Clear Dam is an advanced formulation that quickly clears murky Lakes, Dams & Ponds.

Aquatic Clear Dam is a flocculent designed to remove suspended clay, silt, fine organic matter, microscopic organisms & algae from the water
column improving clarity.

Aquatic Clear Dam usually generates noticeable results within 48 hours.

Organic matter, microscopic organisms & some forms of algae harbour waterborne diseases & pathogens. Aquatic Clear Dam can assist in removing these particles from suspension & improving water health. 

Murky water can cause negative impact to irrigation systems & plumbing by:
• blocking irrigation spray nozzles
• build-up of sludge in drippers & pipes
• staining of plumbing equipment
Improve clarity of murky water with Aquatic Dam Clear

Aquatic Clear Dam is disturbed as evenly as possible over murky
Aquatic Clear Dam can be diluted with clean water up to 20:1 to
assist in even application.

For optimum results:
• Treat on days of minimal wind
• Do not treat water where pH is above 9

To achieve your desired results additional applications can be made 72 hours after initial application.
Available in 1lt, 5lt & 20litres.